We Buy Office Antiques


I’m interested in purchasing vintage and antique office machines and ephemera.  If you’re interested in selling you can email me through the Contact Me page and give as much detail about your item as possible. Some of the types of items I purchase are:

  • staplers
  • adding machines
  • pencil sharpeners
  • paper punches
  • stapleless staplers
  • antique office supplies
  • office supply catalogs
  • brochures
  • marketing materials

I’m looking for all types of office machines but mostly in 19th and early 20th century pieces.

If it is something I’m interested in I’ll ask that you send some pictures and we’ll go from there.   I offer fair prices that are usually better than what you can expect from any internet auction site.

To all my friends and regular readers from Japan; do you have one of the all-metal Ideal Clipless Paper Fasteners?  I’m looking for this item for my collection and would be most grateful if you are willing to sell or trade for one.


While I do purchase items from folks who contact me if it’s something I’m interested in for my collection, I do not provide appraisals nor will I answer inquiries for an appraisal.  This means that I will not answer any questions as to an items value for resale on eBay or any other site.  Sorry, but this site provides research and information only.  If you need an appraisal I recommend contacting an auction house, antiques store or a specialty appraisal service.