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While I do purchase items from folks who contact me if it’s something I’m interested in for my collection, I do not provide appraisals nor will I answer inquiries for an appraisal.  This means that I will not answer any questions as to an items value for resale on eBay or any other site.  Sorry, but this site provides research and information only.  If you need an appraisal I recommend contacting an auction house, antiques store or a specialty appraisal service.

2 thoughts on “Contact Me”

  1. Armando Ulibarri said:

    Trying to locate a couple of things. I have a Ace Scout model 202 stapler. It is in Awesome condition, but it is missing the spring loaded Staple plunger that holds and pushed the staples through as it is used. I also need staples for it as well. Having a hard time looking for these items. Have found a couple on ebay and will go that route if necessary but would like some input.


    • I can’t help with locating a push rod/carriage. You’ll have to look around. As for the staples used for an Ace Scout 202, that’s surprisingly easy. Just do a search on Amazon for “undulated staples”. Do NOT use standard staples in the Scout. It will jam and may end up unfixable.