AS Database Tool

This is a draft collectors database for tracking your office equipment collection.  There are two downloads available.  One is a standalone database and the other is a Microsoft Access database.  The Microsoft Access DB is more powerful and more flexible but you must have Microsoft Access to open it.

This is a new version of the Microsoft Access database.  I’ve mostly added new fields and a new report.  I’ve tweaked one or two other items.  If you’ve been using the previous version you shouldn’t have any trouble opening in this version.

Download the American Stationer Office Equipment Collector Access database here.

The database is straightforward enough, simply fill in the form fields with as much info as you can.  Click in the Photo: field and a small toolbar with a paperclip will appear which when pressed will allow you to add a photo to the record.

To add an entry into the drop down menus simply type in your info and hit enter.  It will then ask if you wish to add this entry to the table.  Press yes.

Other fields are simply text entries so there are no limitations on what you enter.

Record #1 is a dummy record just to show you how it will look.  It can be easily modified or deleted.

Download the American Stationer Vintage Office Standalone database here.

There is an extra step necessary due to WordPress.

When you click the link above for the Standalone DB a new window will pop-up asking if you wish to open the file with your default program or if you wish to save the file.  Depending on which type of zip software you use you may choose either Open or Save.  I recommend saving the file and then extracting.  When the folder opens you will see a short list of files included in the zip file including one named “setup.exx”.  Right click on this file and rename it to “setup.exe”.  This is one of those odd WordPress issues and the only way I could seem to work around it was to rename the file extension.

The standalone db requires Microsoft Access 2007 Runtime which is a freely available program from Microsoft.  I recommend installing that first.