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bostitch b8hc right side wm sm

Bostitch has recently introduced a stapler form factor that went extinct in the 1980’s.  And this thing looks fantastic!  This style of fastener was first seen in the 1930’s as a reflection of the art deco styled automobiles that took hold of the popular imagination of the time.  Suddenly everything was streamlined, including your stapler.  And now you have a new opportunity to add something stylish and retro-modern to your desk.

This is actually quite refreshing to see as there is nothing else quite like it on the market.  Sure, I’ve seen others release vintage style staplers but they are usually just offering the same product in different colors.  There are some novelty staplers out there but there is a limited market for staplers that look like shoes or skulls.  This stapler is the literal embodiment of the saying “everything old is new again”.

bostitch b8hc left side wm sm

left side

The B8HC weighs one pound empty and measures 7.25 inches long by 2.128 inches wide by 4.25 inches high.  It uses Bostitch B8 PowerCrown staples and holds 210 in the magazine.  As a heavy-duty stapler it is rated to fasten up to 50 sheets of paper.  The B8HC is made almost entirely of steel except for the plastic magazine latch and the rubber base and plunger handle cover.  You can get this stapler in any color you want so long as its black.

This is a front-loading fastener which may be a bit confusing if you haven’t seen it before.  But all you need to do is push the magazine release and the magazine will pop right out.  Place your staples inside and push the magazine back in.  That’s it!

The PowerCrown staples come in two different leg lengths, 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch.  The 1/4 inch staples will allow you to fasten about 30 pages but you’ll need the 3/8 for larger stacks of paper.

Bostitch PowerCrown B8 Staples wm sm

Bostitch B8 PowerCrown staples

I performed some testing loaded with the 1/4 inch PowerCrown staples.  The stapling mechanism works smoothly and with authority.  The ears (the chromed part on the rear connecting the base to the body) might get in the way when tacking as they don’t allow you to place the fastener flat against the wall.  That being said the angle is only 10 degrees so for the vast majority of your tacking needs it will likely be fine.  I was able to fasten 30 sheets of paper with the 1/4 inch staples, but just barely.  That is not a negative criticism as most desk staplers will max out at 20.  I’m confident it will easily fasten 50 pages with the longer leg staples.

staple comparison wm sm

staple comparison

I do have one or two concerns.  For one, while the plunger handle is steel it is attached to a comparatively thin plunger column and I fear that over time it might not stand up to regular use as a heavy-duty stapler.  I can see the possibility of hitting the handle off center (maybe the extreme front or extreme rear) and bending or even snapping the handle off.  If you use it more as a standard desktop stapler I think it will stand up fine.  But I’ve managed offices for a number of decades and can tell you that heavy-duty staplers are generally not treated gently at all.

The second isn’t a concern so much as being a bit picky.  But the plunger handle is flat.  I would have expected this to have some contour or roundness to it much like the fasteners in this style had back in the day.  It would have been both more ergonomic and more in keeping with the art deco styling.

If Bostitch keeps this model in its stable of fasteners (and they should as it’s a winner) I hope that they will consider adding an all-chrome model and maybe some colored-body models on the idea of the 1960’s era Ace Scouts.  A copper colored/plated version of this stapler would be sharp!  And for crying out loud raise the price a buck or two and correct the plunger!

bostitch b8hc diagram wm sm


You can find the B8HC Heavy Duty Vintage Style fastener for sale on the Bostitch website at https://bostitchoffice.com/vintage-style-stapler-black.html.  It is really a great price and a great stapler which will fill all your standard and heavy duty stapling needs.  You can find all of their other great offerings by going to https://bostitchoffice.com/products/office-supplies.html.

bostitch b8hc in package wm sm

Bostitch B8HC Stapler in packaging

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