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monarch stapler green wm sm

Starting around the mid-1950’s, Vail Manufacturing started rebranding all of their wares under the Monarch brand name.  As they were known for making basic office supplies you soon had offerings such as Monarch staples, Monarch paper clips, Monarch pins, Monarch thumb tacks and as of 1958 – the Monarch Stapler.

1958 Monarch Stapler Ad Jun 11 wm sm

newspaper ad from June 1958

There are no noticeable differences between the Victor and the Monarch aside from the inscription on the top of the plunger handle.  The Monarch still weighs 1 pound 12 ounces empty and measures 8.25″ L x 2.25″ W x 2.75″ H.  The height of both the Victor and the Monarch are the same.  Any difference is due to how much elasticity remains in the base spring.

monarch box wm sm

Vail Mfg Monarch stapling machine box

When the Monarch was first introduced it came in a number of colors including green, tan, ivory, castle gray, aristocrat red, royal brown, viscount chrome, and 24 kt. gold-plate.  I don’t know for sure if green, ivory, gold or tan also had “monarchist” names for their colors but I’d be surprised if they didn’t.  Baronial tan maybe?  Countess green?

acco monarch plunger wm sm2

The Monarch Stapler was available from Vail Manufacturing from 1958 through the end of 1965.  In January 1966 ACCO acquired Vail Manufacturing and continued to sell the Monarch under the ACCO name until 1971.  Shortly after acquiring Vail Manufacturing, ACCO moved the manufacture of the Monarch to Japan and while it remained a good stapler, it was never quite the same quality.

monarch acco bottom wm sm

the bottom of the base of an ACCO Monarch stapler

Beginning around 1970 ACCO began redesigning their stapler line to a new modern squared design and by 1972 all of their staplers were of similar design and this meant the Monarch no longer fit their aesthetic.

monarch stapler red wm sm

an aristocrat red Monarch stapler

monarch stapler chrome wm sm

a viscount chrome Monarch stapler

vail monarch long-reach stapler wm sm

a viscount chrome long-reach Monarch stapler

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