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version 3

section 1

newspaper ad from 1947

section 2

lightning v1b wm sm

version 1


version 2a


version 2b

section 3

lightning adding machine calculator box v0 wm sm

The elusive connection between the Lightning Calculator and the Lightning Adding Machine.  This box would have contained the early non-clearing version of the Lightning Adding Machine

lightning adding machine box v2a wm sm

version 1 box

lightning adding machine box v1ab wm sm

version 2 box

lightning adding machine box v2 wm sm

version 3a box

section 4

newspaper ad from 1949

section 5bv3

section 5c

section 5c2

section 5d

section 6

Post Script:

Sharp-eyed readers will have noticed that this month’s post was typed on a typewriter.  I wanted to do something a little special for the fourth anniversary of this blog.  My more knowledgeable readers will probably be able to identify what typewriter I used just by the typeface 🙂  Really super sharp-eyed knowledgeable readers will catch that I was forced to use two different typewriters due to a carriage breakdown in my LC Smith & Corona Typewriters Inc Sterling s/n 4A110773.  To the rescue came my Underwood Portable s/n  S1154711 which took over from “Patent and Other Information” on down.