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neva clog s100 stapler sm wm

Arguably one of the most successful stapler designs ever, today’s vintage item is the Neva-Clog model S100 plier stapler. Billed throughout the 1930’s as the “first successful portable fastening device ever made”, the model S100 was an extremely high-quality fastener that was widely used in many industries and not just in an office setting. There are many examples of these being used in shops, farms, leather-working, florists, shipping rooms and such which showcases their utility and durability.

The model S100 measures 7.125″ L x 0.875″ W x 4″ H and weighs 10 ounces empty. It is made of polished steel with not a speck of plastic anywhere to be found. It uses special-sized A1000 or L1000 Neva-Clog staples.

A1000 Staples sm wm

front and rear views of box of A1000 staples

The S100 was one of the successors to the model 100 which was made from approximately 1926 until 1936. The model 100 was nearly identical to the model S100 with only minor differences. In 1936 the Model 100 was split into several different models differentiated by the type of work to be done. The first mention of the S100 was in 1936 as an office-use stapler. Other models introduced this year based on the model 100 were the B100, F100 and M100. The uses of these models were described as follows:

  • B100 – heavy duty model
  • F100 – florist and shipping room model
  • M100 – mattress model (yes, they made a stapler specifically for construction of mattresses)
  • S100 – office use model

The basic patents behind the model 100, and by extension the above models, are patent 1654170 and patent 1836944. Patent 1654170 was filed 02/19/26 and granted 12/27/27 to F.G. Hubbard and assigned to Neva-Clog Products Inc. Patent 1836944 was filed 06/20/29 and granted 12/15/31 to Max Vogel and assigned to Neva-Clog Products Inc.

The model S100 was sold from 1936 until at least 1983. However, they were very likely sold and available for a longer time.

Neva-Clog Products was started in 1921 by Max Vogel and incorporated in January 1925. The Neva-Clog trademark expired and was not renewed in 1987. By 1990 the state of Connecticut shows them as no longer a corporation. The last known “registered agent” of Neva-Clog Products Inc was Kurt Vogel, one of Max Vogel’s sons. Neva-Clog Products seems to have been in business at least until 1983 as models were still being sold by office suppliers and marketed by Neva-Clog which means that we can reasonably date the end of Neva-Clog between 1983 and 1987.

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Special Thanks:

To Mark, the curator of the Early Office Museum website for scanning and sharing with me pages from several office supply catalogs in his references. Those, along with my own catalog references, helped me to be much more accurate in determining the dates the S100 was available.