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factory plus closed sm wm

factory plus opened sm wm

One of the coolest items ever, today we’re talking about the Factory Plus All-In-One Office Tool.  Made in Japan by Plus Corp. and sold by Sharper Image for about $30 in the mid 1980’s, the Factory Plus is like a Swiss army tool for the office.  It was a bit large to keep in your pocket, but at 4.375″L x 1.375″H x 1.125″W you could force it in there.  Preferably you would just throw it in your bag or briefcase where I think it would have been more at home.  I know of at least three variations that Plus Corp. made of this tool.  This particular model had the following office implements:

  • scissors
  • stapler
  • tape dispenser
  • magnifying lens
  • hole punch
  • staple remover
  • carton opener
  • measuring tape
  • paper clip storage (located in the center of the tape dispenser)

This thing really is a miniature marvel.  However, if you’ve ever used a multi-tool of any kind then you should know that this suffers from the same basic shortcoming as all of them.  It does many things, but none of them particularly well or easily.  Quite honestly, this won’t replace your stapler or scissors or whatnot, but that’s not what it was designed for.  Think of this more as an office “survival” tool.  You could carry 8 seperate tools in a bag weighing 10 lbs or so just in case you need something – or you carry something like this for those times when you need some help now.  In a pinch or in an emergency this will work just fine and you’ll be the envy of your cube-mates!


Black Factory Plus Office Tool in original box from 1986

factory plus yellow wm sm

yellow Factory Plus from a reader, Pete

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